Garkalnes gerb






Swamp and trail running "Maltuve"


1. Goals and objectives
1.1. To promote sports and physical activities.
1.2. To promote running and Nordic walking in nature and beautifully landscaped environment.
1.3. To popularize Garkalne County.

2. The management of competition
2.1. The competition is organized by the Association "Forest Trail Running" in cooperation with Garkalne County Municipality and ‘’ Burģis’’ Ltd.
2.2. The Director of Competition - Vilmārs Zeme (+371 22063660,
3. Location and time
3.1. The date of the competition - 20 April, 2019.
3.2. The start and finish of the competition - the recreation complex "Namdaru darbnīca", Garkalne County, Garkalne.

4. Tracks

  • Starts - on April 20, at 10:00.
  • Time limit - 3 hours.
  • Checkpoints - no.
  • One snack / beverage point (see: Regulations clause 7).
  • Awarding - at 13.00
5+ km
  • Starts – on April 20, at 10.30.
  • Time limit - 1 hour.
  • Checkpoint - no.
  • Snack points - no.
  • Awarding - at 14.00

5. Age groups of participants
Athletes, who have reached this age on the start day, are allowed to compete in the competition:

Distance / Group M/W - 1 M/W - 2 (1979. – 1988) M/W - 3 (1978 and older) M/W - Nordic walking (2003 and older)
5+ km √(1989. – 2009)
18+ km √(1989. – 2003)
A younger participant than specified in the regulations may also participate in the swamp and track running ‘’Maltuve", but on condition that one of the parents participates in the race or during the competition at the venue of the sporting event and assumes full responsibility for the participant's health compliance with the distance.
6. Membership fee and registration
6.1. Membership application is available on the Internet –
Registration is open on March 1, 2019.
6.2. The membership fee is the same for both runners and walkers.
The dates of registration and paying the fee 5+ km 18+ km
01/03/19–31/03/2019 7 € 15 €
01/04/19–16/04/2019 10 € 20 €
At the venue 20/04/2019 15 € 30 €
By registering ONLINE individually, residents declared in Garkalne County receive a 10% discount.

6.3. The participation fee includes: a personalized participant's number (for participants registered before April 16, 2019), a commemorative medal for all participants who have finished the track, snacks and drinks on the track and record keeping, track marking, judges' work, first medical aid at the venue and organizational expenses of the competition.
6.4. If a participant withdraws his/her membership, the membership fee will not be refunded.
6.5. The membership fee is also not refundable in cases of Force Majeure.
6.6. Payment details:

"Meža taku skrējieni",
reg. nr. 40008249642,
address: Ezera iela 11-11, Rīga, LV-1034,
IBAN nr. LV83HABA0551041534505
AS Swedbank,
Payment details: name, surname, distance, "Maltuve".

7. Snack points
Distance The number of snack points Location
5+ running / walking 0 -
18+ running / walking 1 ~10 km
Each participant of the race "Maltuve" has to enter it with their own drinking bottle as the feeding/water points will not have any plastic or paper cups available. MTS strongly opposes unneeded wastage and careless use of natural resources.

Assortment of food and drinks:

Fruits, dried fruits, cookies, freshly-salted cucumbers, olives, Coca-Cola type drink, water. The range of snack assortment available at different points is acceptable.
8. The health condition and equipment of the runners
8.1. Each participant assumes full responsibility for the compliance of his or her state of health with the corresponding distance and confirms it with a signature on receipt of the participant's number.
8.2. Race organizers are not responsible for possible injuries or accidents of competitors during the race.
8.3. In case of a participant's withdrawal, the event organizers do not ensure that the participant reaches the finish line. In the case of health problems, the assistance of the judges and other competitors must be used to solve the situation and contact the organizers of the event on the phone number +371 22063660.
8.4. The race organizers have authorized the race judges to follow the course of the race in such a way as to maximally comply with the rules of self-sufficiency by excluding any support of fans for the athlete, unless medical assistance is required.
8.5. Fans must not be at snack points, must not help with the maintenance, removal, serving of food and drinks, and must not be with the athlete on the track. It is also prohibited to follow the athletes on bicycles.
8.6. During the race, the judges have the right to stop the athlete temporarily to arrange the participant's number if it is broken or otherwise unseen.
8.7. If a competitor starts with sticks, they must carry them all the distance.
8.8. The mandatory equipment for all competitors:
Track 0,5 l drink reserve Mobile phone (charged)
5+ km Recommended Recommended
18+ km Recommended
8.9. The mandatory equipment must be kept to the finish line, and the race judges have the right to perform the mandatory equipment check.

9. Awarding
9.1 The absolute winners (the 1st to the 3rd place) will be awarded in the category of women and men in each distance.
9.2 The winners of the 1st- the 3rd place will be rewarded with diploms in each age group.
9.3 Each participant, who finishes the race, will receive a commemorative medal.
10. Track markings
10.1. The tracks are marked with red-white plastic strips. In the crossroads or at the axis turns of the route, additional directions will be used - red arrows on a white background, additional warning signs will be posted before the dangerous places - ditches,sloughs, steep slopes or traffic roads.
10.2. The markings will be placed 1-2 days before the start of the competition and will be taken away within two days after the competition.
10.3. If you get lost during the competition or do not see the markings for some time, try to return to the place where you last saw the marking. If you think that the marking is wrong, call the judge and follow his instructions, but do not change them.
10.4. Markings must not be damaged or torn, and if you see that it's done, place or tie the label back.

11. Judgment, penalties and disqualification
11.1. An electronic time control system is used to record the results.
11.2. Organizers have the right to disqualify a competitor if he fails to comply with the requirements of the public order rules and the rules of the race.
11.3. Organizers have the right to disqualify a competitor if it is seen that he / she is not able to continue participating in the race.
11.4. Any help for athletes from the outside is forbidden. In case of non-compliance with this provision, the athlete is disqualified.
11.5. Penalties for violations of the rules of the swamp and trail running "Maltuve":
  • The athlete's number is not clearly seen: warning;
  • There is no mandatory equipment position (on the track and at the finish): + 4 h.
  • Unauthorized assistance to the Athlete on the track: disqualification;
  • Failure to provide assistance to other athletes if necessary: disqualification;
  • There is no check mark for checkpoint crossing: disqualification.
12. Photo
At the start / finish of the competition, as well as on the track in some places, photographers will work, taking photos of the race. The organizers have the right to use the photos and video taken during the competition for marketing and advertising purposes without the consent of the people seen on them. 
13. General terms
13.1. All participants must respect the rules of mutual kindness and assistance - not to refuse assistance in case of injuries or other problems.
13.2. No waste can be left, for example, packaging of used goods. They must be delivered to the garbage cans at the snack stations or until the finish.
13.3. The race tracks cross or, in some places, goes along public roads, therefore, when moving or crossing them, the norms of the Republic of Latvia Traffic Regulations must be observed.
13.4. The race track is not a private territory for organizers, and therefore, other people, economic activity and traffic should be treated with respect and understanding. Respect and awareness of the competition for volunteers and judges.
13.5. If you see that an athlete needs medical assistance on the track, call the mobile number listed on the number and help him/her reach the nearest populated area or snack point.
13.6. When overtaking other athletes, this should be done without endangering yourself or other athletes and tourists and should be done politely.
13.7. When registering for a race, the participant confirms that he has read the regulations and agrees to the rules, as well as, the collection and publication of his personal data (name, surname, date of birth, month and date) in accordance with Article 7 ,Clauses 1 and 2 of the Personal Data Protection Law, to ensure the quality of the running.
14. Changes to the regulations
14.1. The organizers have the right to make changes and additions to the Regulations by 01.04.2019.
14.2. The organizers are not responsible for the fact that the participants are not familiar with the regulations.