Mēbeļu veikals "'Čiekurs" dailrade


THE REGULATIONS of Patriot run 2021

1. Time, place and agenda

The race, regardless of the weather, will take place on March 6, 2022, in the territory and in the vicinity of the Great War Christmas Battle Museum ”Mangali” ,the Jelgava county Valgunde parish.

  • 10.00–11.45 Registration for 23+ km distance
  • 10.00–13.00 Registration for 8+ km distance
  • 12.00 The start for 23+ km distance
  • 13.15 The start for 8+ km distance
  • 15.00 Free guided tour
  • 16.00 Awarding and drawing lottery winners of both distances

2. Distance and time control


Time control

8+ km running / walking

2,5 h

23+ km running / walking

4 h

 3. Participants

Athletes who have reached a certain age at the start of the race are allowed to compete in the competition:
  • 8+ km distance - 14 years old
  • 23+ km distance - 18 years old
A younger participant may participate in the "Patriot" race even if it is specified in the regulations, but on the condition that one of the parents participates in the race or during the competition at the venue of the event and assumes responsibility for the participant's compliance with the distance.

Each participant assumes responsibility for the compliance of his/her state of health with the distance and confirms it with his/her signature receiving the participant`s number.

Participation fee is shown in the table in paragraph 6.

4. Snack Points


Number of snack points

23+ km running / walking


Ložmetējkalns (14. km)

5. Awarding

Absolutely fastest runners of 23+ km, and 8+ km distances between men and women, will be awarded with traveling awards specially made for the Patriot race.

By lottery (according to the participants`numbers), the owners of the surprise awards for the runners will be determined.

6. Membership fee and registration

Sign up ONLINE from February 27nd

Entry fee must be charged to account:
Biedrība "Meža taku skrējieni"
Reg. No. 40008249642
Swedbank account: LV83HABA0551041534505
Payment reference PAT2021, name, surname, distance.
For civilians

Distance\The date of payment

03.09. - 03.10

04.10 - 27.02

At the venue 06.03


15 € (personalized participant`s number)

20 € (personalized participant`s number)

25 €


25 € (personalized participant`s number)

30 € (personalized participant`s number)

35 €

Participation fee includes: a participant's number,the recording of results at the finish, snacks at the finish (all) and in the track (23+ distances), the first medical aid at the race venue, track marking and judges' work, the organizing of events for the competition. Each participant of the race will receive a commemorative badge with the competition number. If the athlete discards the participation, the participant`s fee is not refunded.

The participation fees are not refunded in cases of Force Majeure.

7. Actual

All participants must comply with the rules of mutual respect and assistance and must not refuse assistance to other athletes in case of injuries or other problems.

The competition takes place in the territory of the Ķemeri National Park, therefore, it is necessary to observe the binding rules of behavior in the territory of the park. No waste should be left behind, such as packaging of used goods. They must be taken to the garbage cans at the snack points or to the finish.

In order to ensure qualitative performance of the Patriot race, when registrating for the race, the participant confirms that he has read the regulations and agrees to the rules, as well as, to compilation and publishing of his/her personal data (name, surname, the date of birth, month and date) in accordance with Article 7 of the Personal Data Protection Law (1) and (2), as well as, the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR").

In order to ensure the organizing of the race, the participant agrees that personal data are transferred to the following external service providers:

  • GANDI SAS (reg.Nr.: 423 093 459 RCS PARIS, France) - cloud service
  • Digitālā Pele Ltd (reg.Nr.: 40003894486) – the printing of race numbers
  • Hopsaa Ltd (reg.Nr.: 40103192076) – the recording of race results

8. Photo

During the race, at the start / finish, as well as on the track in some places, photographers will be employed to take photos of the participants during the race. The organizers have the right to use the photos and video taken at the PATRIOT 2021 race for marketing and promotional purposes without the consent of the people seen on them.

9. Izmaiņas nolikumā

Organizatoriem ir tiesības izdarīt izmaiņas un papildinājumus nolikumā līdz 06.02.2022. Organizatori nav atbildīgi par to, ka dalībnieki nav iepazinušies ar nolikumu.

Ņemot vērā Ziemassvētku kauju muzeja «Mangaļi» apkārtnes teritorijas lielumu, skrējiena organizatoriem ir tiesības noteikt dalībnieku skaita limitu, par to informējot sacensību dalībniekus reģistrācijas laikā.

10. Organizers

Association " Meža taku skrējieni " and SIA "Burģis" in co-operation with the War Museum and its branch – the Museum of Christmas Battles "Mangaļi", Jelgava Municipality, the Ministry of Defense and the 52nd Infantry Battalion of ZS, "Daiļrade Koks" Ltd.

11. Start / finish location

The Museum of Christmas Battles ”Mangali”, Valgunde parish, Jelgava county, Latvia, LV-3017).