SALOMON team relay Regulations 

1. Venue and time - CET 2017 relay team (hereinafter - Relay) race takes place on the 5th of August, 2017 in Cesis. Start – 4th of August at 24:00

2. Participants - relay team consists of three athletes who at leasts 18 years old.

3. The composition of the team:

  • women's team (may contain only women)
  • men's team (may contain only men)
  • mix team

It is up to the team how it is choosing its members. It is important that the team state its name during the registration. It is preferable for the team to have similar sports uniforms for members of the team.

4. Relay transfer and receipt (to be confirmed):

  • Stage 1 -15 km
  • Stage 2 - 30 km
  • Stage 3 - 69 km

5. Relay transfer and receipt - track sites where team members will exchange, each team member who has completed the previous stage of the track passes the control chip to his/ her team-mate, and the track can be continued only after the chip is attached. Time control chip transmission and reception takes place only in the presence of a judge. Possible mandatory equipment check.

6. The members of the team entering the relay exchange offices - from lead competition center, the organizers buses 2nd and 3rd stage performers will be taken to the relay exchange points by bus. Accordingly, the first and second stage performers wo have completed their stages will be taken back by these buses to the race center in Cesis Rose Square. Bus schedules will be issued upon receiving of the numbers of participants at the event center, and they will be published on the competition website.

Scheduled bus route:

  • To The Ērgļu rocks - 00:30 (1st stage 16 km.)
  • To The Raiskums lake -1: 30 (3rd stage 45 km.)
  • From The Ērgļu rocks - 02:45
  • From Raiskums Lake - 03:30
  • From Raiskums Lake - 05:30

7. Compulsory equipment:

  • 1st stage - night lighting forehead torch, red-colored electric light is affixed to the back of the athletes clothing or bag, 0.5 liters of fluid replacement;
  • 2nd stage - night lighting forehead torch, red-colored electric light is affixed to the back of the athletes clothing or bag, 0.7 liters of fluid replacement, foil blanket, medical patches, individual drinking cup;
  • 3rd stage - is a force of the same mandatory equipment list os 114+ km distance individual participants

8. The relay exchange offices:

  • 1st stage end - The Ērgļu rocks
  • 2nd stage End - Raiskums lake

9. Prizes - 1st to 3rd place winning teams will be awarded.

10. On the 77 kilometer of the 114 km distance at the resting place near the bridge over the Amata it will be possible with the transport of organizers to bring a shoes to change, clothing and sports nutrition. Relevant bag before the start must be transferred to Rose Square. Participants number of the athlete that will get by registering at the event center must be written on the bag. 

11. For Relay transfer and receipt race members the same food and drinks points individual participants of the race will be available.

12. The relay race time limit - 19 hours (Before noon. 19:00 on the 5th of August)

13 Team entry fee includes: - personalized participant number, participant results processing, first aid race track, T-shirt and a souvenir medal with CET symbols, snacks and drinks catering points on the track, the individual stages of transport for the relay exchange points and back race center in Cesis Rose Square, marked track and the judges services, athletes supplies transportation to 77 kilometer (equipment and nutrition dead).